Design of security systems

Design of security systems

Each goal (office building, store, bank, residential complex, etc.) has its own configuration of access ways and specific weaknesses that make them vulnerable to offenders. One part is detectable very easily, some are only experienced by professionals with experience in the field. In order for your investment in a security system to bring you the desired protection, the first step you need to do is to request a risk assessment of the target on which the security system will be designed.

The technical security system design is carried out in accordance with the legal regulations in the field (Law 333/2003, Law 182/2002, HG585 / 2002, HG781 / 2002, HG 301/2012, Norm I 18 / 2-2002) establishing the configuration of equipment that will ensure the security system (sensors, video cameras, power supply, alarm stations, access control system, etc.).

Design Principles

 Legislation and norms in force – technical conditions of security, execution, installation, maintenance
 Efficient protection by adapting the system to the location, purpose and features of the protected lens
 Equipment at European standards tested in practice
 The ability to adapt and expand the system
 Professionals with experience in designing, installing, testing and maintaining security systems

What includes the security system execution project

 Plan of the location with the location of the objective and the characteristics of the surroundings
 Building information (type of building, size of rooms, building materials, wall thickness, etc.)
 Presentation of the proposed security system with the components
 Description of protected areas and assigned security features
 Location of alarm and monitoring and control equipment
 System energy calculation
 Technical data on the equipment used
 How to ensure warranty, service and intervention
 Equipment certification documents
 Drawing the objective with the location of the security system

A well-designed security system design ensures the efficiency of the investment in the next steps of the system (equipment acquisition, installation and maintenance) and the optimum level of protection. Find out what the design service is all about and how it can help you secure the protection of goods and people under your responsibility.