Maintenance and Technical Support

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Assembly Surveillance Cameras

Service maintenance and technical support

The maintenance and technical support service ensures the continued operation of the security systems under the best conditions, preventing the occurrence of technical problems or malfunctions and quick troubleshooting in case of occurrence.

In order to ensure protection at the level established by design and configuration, security systems require periodic maintenance that maintains the performance level of the equipment and prolongs its life span, thus protecting your investment.

The maintenance and technical support service enables you to contact an Enforce specialist in case of a malfunction to provide you with the most effective solution to fix the problem.

Systems for which you can benefit from maintenance and technical support:
– video surveillance systems;
– access control and time control systems;
– Anti-burglary alarm systems.

What does the maintenance and technical support service offer?

 The professional team at your disposal for: quickly remedying the reported problems, performing periodic maintenance works, repairing or replacing components with defects.
 Custom contract to meet system-specific requirements.

Among the tasks taken over by the maintenance and technical support service are:

 ensuring the optimal technical parameters of all the system components;
 Regular cleaning of surveillance camera lenses;
 replacement or repair of components with irreparable defects;
 Periodic check of supply voltage and battery charge (for UPSs);
 support in creating or deleting Users with access to DVR management and establishing their restrictions in accordance with the policies established by the Beneficiary
 Support for checking and retrieving records from the DVR storage media
 Checking the operation of the optical and acoustic signaling
 checking the operation of signaling from handheld detectors and buttons;
 checking the operation of detectors and signaling buttons;
 Checking the status of the identification markings.

How can you benefit from this service?

The Maintenance Service is available as a monthly subscription. The subscription value is calculated for each objective in proportion to:
– the complexity of the security system;
– the number of on-site interventions included in the subscription;
– the number of locations;
– the distance to which the target (s) to the Enforce head office is located;
– the existence of other collaborations between the parties.

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