Structured cabling

cablare structurata

Structured cabling

Structured cabling network is the infrastructure on which the entire communications network of a company develops. Supports all communications equipment (switches / routers / servers, computers, phones), including security system components. With a well designed and built-in internet cabling system, your company can develop any communications network at any time by adding any active equipment and having the ability to transmit and receive data over any transmission standard.

We provide specialized services of:

 Design, configuration and installation of Internet wiring systems for LAN / WAN and TCP / IP networks, Internet and intranet connectivity, based on fiber optics, copper cables or wireless
 Testing, maintenance and service
 Reinstall, move, add configuration, and upgrade your network

Benefits of Structured Cabling Networks

 Time and financial resources savings
 Simplify the management, maintenance and reconfiguration of the communications system
 Facilitate changing computer locations and connecting new users
 Possibility to develop any information system on the installed cabling network

A structured cabling network that has been properly designed, configured and installed will allow fast, efficient, and reliable connection of all communications equipment in accordance with the security requirements of the location.

Types of cabling

Depending on the communications environment you choose, structured cabling can be through copper wires (transmission of data through electrical signals), optical fiber (transmission of data by light pulses) or wireless (transmitting data in the form of radio waves, microwaves, infrared rays or laser).

Depending on the topology (network equipment connection mode), you can choose the type of network:

 Artery – all equipment is connected to a main cable (low cable consumption, easy connection, difficulties in identifying network faults) – designed for small networks (small offices, home).
 Star – all devices are connected to a central point – hub, router, switch (malfunctions are easy to identify and repaired, high cable consumption, failure of a hub causes interrupting the operation of all computers in that node, easy connection of computers to the network)
 Token Ring – star topology with a circular access method
 Net – Each device is directly connected to each other (the failure of a cable affects only the connection between the two units it connects). Designed for military, medical, space applications.

In choosing the characteristics of a structured cabling network or the Internet it is important to keep in mind both the current needs of the company, the architectural features of the space and the budget and the subsequent plans for expansion and development.
We can help you evaluate the type of network best suited to your company’s communication needs. Call us now and learn how to optimize your data transfer and improve your security.