Access Control and Time Assembling Systems

Access and Time Control Systems

Access and time control systems allow you to use different security levels for spaces in the same location and use a privileged system that restricts access to sensitive areas. Depending on your need, you can set access restrictions for people, as well as for time intervals, days or periods when a high level of security is required within the protected space.

Advantages of access and time control systems

 Allows to protect sensitive areas from offices, factory, warehouse, without aggravating access and traffic in areas where an increased level of security is not required and where there is no need for restraint.
 Easy to use by employees
 Monitoring staff during presence in secured space (time of entry and exit, delays, time outside the enclosure during the program, number of overtime)

Types of systems

Depending on the type of locks, the access and time control systems can be:

 with alphanumeric keys where access is made by typing an access code
 with card readers
 biometric – based on fingerprint

A higher degree of security is obtained by combining at least two types of systems from the above.

Depending on location and usage:

 access systems for buildings (one or more doors)
 parking access systems

Domain’s application

Installing access control systems without time-lapse control component is indicated in locations that require separation of areas according to security level and limitation of access by categories of persons. They are essential in the offices of banks, shops, public institutions, hospitals, casinos, hotels, residential complexes with secure access.
In the case of access and time control systems, the combination of the two functions is extremely useful and efficient for companies with a large number of employees, while providing security and statistical data needed to keep track of working time.
To increase accessibility, increase productivity and security levels within the company, call us now and find out more about access control and time tracking systems and how you can improve your business.