Monitoring and intervention

Monitoring and intervention

MONITORING the alarm systems has the role of maintaining the connection between the connected alarm systems and the mobile intervention crews, in order to mobilize them in case of an alarm. Also, the monitoring service refers to the permanent surveillance of an objective through an alarm system installed and connected to a dispatcher.

INTERVENTION in case of alarm signals being triggered by the subscribers connected to the dispatcher is made by the mobile rapid intervention crews, and, as per article 36 (5) of Law 333/2003, in situations where “own forces are exceeded by the magnitude of the events, the competent police unit is announced by the dispatcher, in order to catch the criminals and to investigate the crime scene. Otherwise, after catching the criminals, they will be immediately handed over to the territorially competent police units”.

Why Enforce?

We have the capacity to ensure the rapid intervention of the crews at the protected area. The intervention crews consist of professionally qualified agents who have the necessary equipment in order to manage any type of situation.

In addition, timely travel is ensured by cars that can be operated quickly, regardless of weather or terrain conditions.

The advantages of using the monitoring and intervention service

1. In case of false alarms, patrol and monitoring will continue.

2. In case of real alarms, the intervention crew undertakes the first measures based on the nature of the event.

3. The real alarms are sent, after verification, immediately to the Police or, as the case may be, to the Fire Brigade. Therefore, they order the intervention of their own specialized crews at the objective, in accordance with the law.

4. The intervention takes place in an extremely short time. Thus, it is prevented from entering the objective, stealing or destroying the documents, goods or materials inside the location.

Areas of use

The installation of such an alarm system can be done in almost any location, both indoors and outdoors. Therefore, the anti-burglary monitoring and rapid intervention service is mainly intended for:

• Private properties, apartments and villas

• Notary, accounting and law firms

• Bank branches

• Office premises

• Shops, bars

• Hotels, boarding houses

• Public institutions, military objectives

• Private or public schools

Enforce is always ready to deal with any situation!

Let the professionals take care of the security, in order to avoid the possible inconveniences caused by the material or even human damages.