Video monitoring

Video Monitoring

VIDEO MONITORING can successfully replace security agents with intelligent systems. Moreover, these systems are able to perform the tasks of detection, alarm and alerting at parameters higher than those of human personnel.

The remote monitoring solution is ideal for perimeter guard posts as it generates superior security parameters at lower costs. Video monitoring arose from the companies’ need to control everything that happens on their properties and buildings.

The basic principle is that a single person, responsible for monitoring the CCTV system, can see ten times more than a powerful patrol.

Remote video solution means:


Cloud-based platform, Digital cameras, Intelligent analytics


Monitoring centers


Speaker system


Security agents

What does video monitoring include?

1. 24/24 hour video monitoring with qualified and IGPR certified dispatcher personnel of the video system installed in the monitored location

2. Auto / Moto crew intervention when foreign persons are identified as trespassing the monitored perimeter

3. Car patrol of the intervention crews following a patrol schedule established by mutual agreement with the beneficiary

4. Video recordings available upon the beneficiary’s request

5. Insurance policy

Areas of use

The installation of such an alarm system can be done in almost any location, both indoors and outdoors, being recommended especially for office buildings, banks, shops, warehouses, public institutions, residential complexes and any location for which it is desired and needed, ensuring the protection of goods, as well as persons.

Stages of implementing the system:

• Setting the objective and connecting to the Internet

• Establishing together with the beneficiary the areas of interest and the number of rooms

• Installation of the surveillance system, which can also be configured for night vision (infrared cameras), both for indoor and outdoor spaces

You are safe with our security systems!

Our team of experts in designing the security systems, in monitoring the alarms and in setting up the strategy of the ground patrol, ensures the video monitoring works at the necessary parameters to fulfill all your needs and expectations regarding this service.