Guards security

Guards security

Generally, the guard and protection service has numerous applications and can be used to control access to many targets. Its scope is very varied, being a security solution suitable to large or very large companies as well as to small or medium sized ones.

Depending on the requirements of the contracting company, the services can be adapted and applied on the target itself. In this context, at the Access Control Point it is possible to realize controls of the workers both at the entrance and at the exit from the working tours, applying the stipulations imposed by the Beneficiary.

At the same time, depending on the procedures agreed at the level of the beneficiary, security guards may be involved in carrying out additional checks or verifications on the staff employed.

Security agents are trained and equipped according to the provisions of Law 333/2003. Depending on the agent’s activity in the security’s device, endowment may differ from one objective to another (transmitter station, irritant spray, mobile phone or armament in accordance with the regulations in force) .

The security device of each beneficiary is coordinated by a manager, his services being included in the offered tariff. The manager has as its main role to set real-time the problems with which the Beneficiary is confronted, adjusting the security device according to the client’s requests.