Video Surveillance Systems

sisteme de supraveghere video

Video Surveillance Systems

Burglaries, theft, vandalism and a rising crime rate are just some of the reasons that may encourage you to consider a professional solution to protect your assets and property and ensure the safety of your employees and customers.

Because material damage is hard to recover, employee safety is your responsibility and it is enough that such an event happens once only to jeopardize your investment, the best solution is prevention.

Surveillance video systems are the most popular protection option through permanent surveillance of the perimeter – indoor and outdoor – with real-time monitoring, burglary alerts and recording of all events.

What are the advantages of a video surveillance system?

 Determine offenders by simply installing surveillance cameras that signal their presence a protected lens. Statistics show that surveillance targets are 50% less likely to be targeted by offenders.
 Effectively resolves false alarms – especially when it comes to industrial sites, production halls, but also offices, the ability to remotely verify what’s going on helps managers and safety managers to save time and resources.
 Contributes to increasing productivity by stimulating employees and identifying bottlenecks and delays in the production process.
 Represents for managers the ideal option for coordinate remote work by substituting physical presence into one or more working points.
 Saves financial resources by reducing the amount of space insurance policy
 For business that involves direct contact with the final customer (supermarkets, specialized stores, showrooms), surveillance cameras are the simplest solution for managing conflict situations, complaints and misunderstandings that can generate financial, image and time losses.
 Compliance with the norms and legislation in force for the risk objectives (Law 333/2003).
 A trustworthy solution that will provide security for you to take care of the rest of the important things.

System’s types

CCTV closed circuit video surveillance systems with or without the advanced DVR (Digital Video Recorder) recording option. Implies that there is a control room in the neamess of the supervised perimeter. Suitable for airports, banks, military installations, shops.

IP video surveillance systems that allow both the storage of information, this time through the Network Video Recorder (NVR) and the remote access and coordination of remote surveillance cameras via the Internet. Suitable for locations where cable installation is difficult or undesirable and for locations where the computer network already exists.

Types of surveillance cameras

Installation area: indoor or outdoor surveillance cameras (resistant to environmental factors – rain, snow, blizzards).

Sensitivity to light: day and night surveillance cameras (infrared LEDs for night viewing).

Monitoring distance: from 5 to 30 meters

Operating conditions and visibility:

 anti-vandal or dome surveillance cameras (resistant, dedicated to areas with high traffic and high probability of vandalism – malls, shops, residential complexes, office spaces, etc.).
 Cannon surveillance cameras (for outdoor surveillance, extreme temperature resistant).
 Hidden rooms (sleek and discreet, small and easy to camouflage, for indoor use)
 PTZ cameras (with fast angle adjustment capability due to 360-degree rotation of the lens in a horizontal plane and 90 degrees in the vertical plane) – for open spaces: intersections, parks, public spaces, heavy traffic areas, parking lots, etc. .)

Units (legal entities) that are legally obliged to install alarm and video surveillance systems based on a project approved by the Police are the following

 Strategic interest units
 Public interest units
 Credit Units
 Post offices
 Currency exchange points
 Pawn houses
 Jewelry stores
 Gambling houses
 Cash and utility desk
 Industrial Objectives
 Deposits
 Technological installations

Certification design, installation, maintenance and service for security systems

ISO 9001
ISO 14001
OHSAS 18001

Operating license according to Law no. 333/2003

Do not expect the offenders to show that you need protection. Learn now how vulnerable is where you work or live and how you can protect yourself.