About us


Smart Generation Video Company was established in 2013 with the mission of providing integrated security solutions and related services for companies, institutions and individuals. For you and everyone who feels the need to ensure peace and security through professional protection services, in a society where thefts, vandalism and violence are alarmingly intensifying.


Smart Generation Video provides a young, well-informed and well-trained professional team that will offer the best solutions at the best prices.
The needs of our customers are the first but on the same level of importance we put the image of our company, so Smart Generation Video offers high quality control by providing prompt services and top equipment.

Full security solutions for office buildings, parking, shops, warehouses, production halls, banks, hotels, residential projects, from simple objectives to remote control systems for multiple locations, with complex solutions for detection and limitation of access.

 Complete professional services from assessing security vulnerabilities to installing, testing and maintaining protection systems
 Certified and tested equipment for reliability and guaranteed performance
 A team of specialists with experience in design and security techniques
 The best solutions for your budget
 Seriousness and promptness


Because we live, work and live in a financially and socially unbalanced society that is constantly fueled by fear and insecurity. Security incidents always have negative and long-term consequences. It is enough to happen only once to jeopardize important investments and human lives.
Do not expect the offenders to show that you need protection. Ask for a risk assessment now and find out how safe you really are at work or at home.