Risk assessment

Risk assessment

Do you need risk analysis on physical security if you are managing a company that owns goods or values of any title, regardless of the nature of the social capital (Law No. 333/2003, Art.2) or want to protect your property and family by installing a professional alarm system. Simply acquiring and installing an alarm system is not enough if you want to be really protected. In order for your security system to provide you with effective protection, it is important to rely on a risk assessment that identifies the vulnerabilities and risks associated with the objective (home, headquarters, industrial hall, etc.).

What includes risk analysis for physical security?

 The internal and external elements that influence the level of security and risk of the objective you want to protect.
 The risks, causes and events that determine them, the impact areas and the potential consequences of security incidents.
 Estimating the risks to which the objective is exposed (headquarters, shop, warehouse, firm, house, etc.) and proposed security measures to reduce these risks.
 The risk assessment determines the level of exposure to theft, vandalism and other incidents of this type and highlights the best solution for ensuring goal protection (building, shop, residential complex, warehouse, parking, etc.).

Revision of risk analysis

According to your legal regulations and for your safety, it is necessary to review the physical security risk analysis:

 at least once every 3 years
 within 2 months of the occurrence of a security incident
 within one month from changes to the protected objective in terms of: the activity objective, the functional characteristics, the building elements and the structure

Legal Regulations (Law 333/2003, HG 301/2012)

 Physical security risk analysis can only be performed by a risk assessor of authorized physical security and enrolled in the RNERSF – National Register of Risk Assessors for Physical Security.
 It is mandatory for the company’s security plan to be filed
 Lack of risk analysis on physical security is sanctioned by a fine of 5,000 to 10,000 lei
 Verification of the physical security risk analysis is carried out by the Gendarmery, the Police and the City Hall.

The security of employees, material assets, and last but not least, your security and those close to you is important. Do not let it happen. Find out today what risks you are exposed to every day and how you can best protect yourself.